In Depth

Tablet Photoshop

Nobody needs an introduction to this amazing software as it is popularly used by many to edit their photographs and the very popularity made the term as ‘photoshopping’ as opposed to editing and has also found a significant position in the dictionary! But, this well-known photo-editing tool could also be used to accomplish the digital illustration goals as the many features that accompany this software are capable of producing the desired digital illustration technique in a more convenient and superior way!

The major limitation in using this tool for digital illustration technique is the clarity when the image is resized. Since this tool is a pixel-based tool when you resize the image, especially when you enlarge it, the clarity of the illustrated figure could be lost, making it an entirely unappealing image. Therefore, if you are planning to use the Adobe’s Photoshop for your digital illustration needs, understand the actual size of the image needed and produce one perfectly using this tool to avoid the unpleasant clarity issues altogether!